• Why to meditate?

    Simple answer would be to feel happy. Happy at all times or quickly feel happy again.


    The common reason why to meditate is to reduce stress levels. If we can reduce stress, many benefits will follow.  If one meditates regularly they receive profound benefits on all of these levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


    The reason and purpose of meditation depends on the meditator. Regardless all the reasons and believes everyone will still receive the benefits.

  • About the technique

    This ancient technique was designed for householders. For people like you. For someone who got a family, work, hobbies, social life, friends. For someone who got (very) busy life.


    To use this technique you don't need to change a thing in your life. Just add it to you current lifestyle. It is very simple, natural and effortless technique.

  • Intro talk

    Intro talk is a one hour talk about the technique. You will learn in deep

    • why to meditate
    • how the technique works
    • about the benefits
    • demystifying all common myths about meditation
  • Course

    The course of instructions to meditation consists of four one and half hour consecutive sections.

    1. You receive your mantra / a sound. And you are ready to meditate. Majority of people experience some benefits already during and after the very first session.
    2. Logistics. You get to know what you can experience during "correct" meditation in terms of physical body, emotions and thoughts. Also you get to know when, how, how often to meditate in order to receive maximum of the benefits.
    3. Bubble diagram explains in deep mechanics how and why meditation works.
    4. Making sure that you are ready to meditate on your own. Summarizing what we learnt and stressing out the importance of one's practice.
  • Common myths about meditation
    • I'm too busy and meditation takes too long
    • Meditation is very difficult
    • I am not able to meditate because I can't stop the thoughts
    • I can't meditate because I'm not a religious person
    • Meditation can only be done in the mornings or evenings
    • It will take years before I receive any of the benefits from meditation
    • Meditation is irresponsible because it promotes escapism
    • If I get really good at it, meditation will be all I need
    • A single distracting thought destroys my meditation practice